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   Thank you for your interest in the Angry Trout Cafe. Of course trout aren’t angry, and neither is our cafe. It is, rather, a hopeful place where we strive not only to deliver good food and service, but also to create a better neighborhood.

   Located on the scenic North Shore of Lake Superior in the town of Grand Marais, Minnesota, the Angry Trout Cafe is a small indoor/outdoor restaurant cobbled together out of an old commercial fishing shanty that clings to the edge of Grand Marais Harbor. From this beautiful setting we offer a menu based on the bounty of Lake Superior and the surrounding region – locally-grown produce, hand-harvested wild rice, and of course, our specialty, fresh Lake Superior fish.

   The Angry Trout Cafe is committed to operating in accordance with the concept of sustainability, striving to have a positive effect on our community economically, socially, and environmentally. Our sustainable business practices include serving organically and sustainably-raised foods and investing in our neighborhood economy by purchasing as much as we can from local providers.

2021 will mark the first year we will stay open year 'round. Lake Superior and the Grand Marais harbor are stunning in the late fall and winter. We hope to see you soon.

Thank you,

Barb LaVigne and George Wilkes
Owners, Angry Trout Cafe

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